After some more unsavoury incident at the recent Aberdeen v Rangers clash at Pittodrie, it was inevitable that the papers would lead with this. It seems that the media relish these incidents, building them up into things that they may not necessarily be. Obviously if you were to ask anyone at the game, they would give you their own blue or red tinted view of what happened. None could be considered an impartial voice.

Step forward The Daily Star – 

Reporting on the incident on the back page, they used a photo from the game. However, you do not have to look too closely at the image to see that it’s been Photoshoped. Look at the photo a little closer. You’ll notice the repetition of one familiar Aberdeen fan three times. The real question is why have they felt the need to make the incident into something much bigger? How can you trust the view of a newspaper when they feel the need to sensationalise the images? You will not find a sensible football fan that does not want to tackle this behaviour at matches, but this type of reporting undermines everything. This style of misleading, sensationalism only serves to add fuel to the fire of hatred.

Questions need to be asked as to what the motives of The Daily Star are.